Fitness Quest: Game On!

My workout and diet needed a kick start so I’m now involved in a little friendly competition with not one friend, but two.

I’ve had a long standing competition with a colleague who I see 2 – 3 times a year. Basically, we take a few key measurements (waist, chest, arms, weight) and then see who can improve the most between meetings. Well, we’ve both slacked off a bit over the last couple so I got the idea that if two of us competing is good, three is better. Enter my one time lifting partner, long time inspiration, and brother-in-law.

Interestingly, he (the bro-in-law) has the potential to be the largest of us as he’s the tallest (6’1″ ) and to my knowledge has actually been the biggest – with a nearly 49 inch chest and 18.5 inch arms (solid) at one point.  My friend is a little shorter – six foot – but also can get pretty big in the arms and chest. Me, I’m the shortest at 5’11” (if I stretch and in the morning) and am the only one who has never gotten his arms over that 18″ mark (yet).

This time out though my focus is a little different. In the past I’ve been keen on building the biceps and chest. Now, I’m focusing on getting the waist down since I learned that at this moment my brother-in-law and I are now the same weight, have the same size chest, and there’s less than a quarter inch in our respective arm size. In other words, except for height, we are right now about equal. His waist though is smaller which I think gives him an overall “strong” look while I look mostly just fat. Of course, this may also be my best chance to build my arms larger than his….hmmmm. Decisions, decisions. Perhaps I need to go for both?

Anyone care to join us?

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