Proportions and Records

While looking through my old training stuff I discovered that I weigh just about the same as I did in 2002 but much more than I did in 1995 (I’ve been keeping training/body comp records it seems since the mid 1980s). Kind of fascinating to be able to look back and see how far I’ve come and/or regressed over the years. Anyone else keep records from when they first
started? Do they motivate you today or depress you?

This look through my past also reminded me that many years ago I saw an article on “ideal bodybuilding proportions” which included a calculator (for men) to use based on wrist size to determine your “ideal” proportions. Well, a Google search failed to find the original article but I found a calculator which I think is close. If anyone is interested it is at:

Interestingly enough I never quite got to my ideal measurements but a lot closer than I thought I had. Just another half an inch on my arms and about 2 on my chest (and a couple off my waist) and I would have been there!

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