Why We Workout

So, today a thought occurred to me (odd, I know):

Men workout abs and shoulders to impress women. Everything else they workout to impress other men.

Now obviously this was written from a “hetero” point of view and a narrow one at that. I could have said something along the lines of “men workout abs and shoulders to attract mates, everything else they workout to intimidate rivals.” but that didn’t have a good ring to it. It’s narrow also because obviously there are women (and men) who are attracted to big biceps and strong thighs, but those attributes tend to be more hidden by clothing for most of us (though the difference between a solid butt and a fat ass is usually pretty self evident even in loose fit jeans and khakis).

But back to the topic, my point is that not all working out is done to attract a sexual partner. In fact, I’ll go out on a limb and say that most of it is not done for this reason. Let’s face it you see people of all sizes and shapes who are married and in love (or lust) even to the point of where you say “what does he/she see in her/him?” The rules of attraction are varied and based on a lot more than looks (though wide shoulders and a narrow waist will call attention to a man from across even a crowded room).

There are lot’s of reasons to workout, of course (health, self-confidence, etc.) and I’m thinking that “curls to impress the girls” might actually be one of the minor reasons.

What do you think?


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