Fitness Quest: Random Update

Just a quick update. I think that my diet is working better for me this week and I expect to see another decrease in weight when I weigh in this weekend. It’s my busiest week at work so I’ve been putting in some 11-12 hour days. For a person who is used to being relatively sedentary during the day to having to stand, walk, etc. all day – well, I’m glad that I stay active after work the rest of the year! No real aches and pains except for my feet (they get sore). I still have my mysterious shoulder pain (which I don’t think that I’ve complained about here before) but I’m doing pretty good otherwise.

I’m finding myself somewhat envious in these last days of summer of the young men who are running around in their tanks and sleeve less tees. I remember vaguely doing that myself. I’m an oldster now but may by next summer I’ll be able to get my bis and tris popping again like they “almost” used to do (Triceps, I had, biceps, not really…)!


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