Fitness Quest: Personal Health Update, August 2022

It’s been a while since I updated everyone on where my personal health stands. So, here goes…

The Good News

The good news is basically that I’m still here. I started taking Entresto for my heart “failure” over a year ago now and it seems to be doing what it’s supposed to do. While my ejection fraction is still low by most standards it is hire than it was without the medicine. So I’m in a range too close to normal to consider any kind of implant (i.e. an internal defibrillator) which is good news in my book.

The Better News

Since my surgery in 2018 and switching to Stelara my Crohn’s has remained in what the doctors are calling “deep remission.” I don’t think that anyone can ask for more than that.

The Bad News

Since my close call with Norovirus (see Wash Your Hands People for details) my kidneys have never fully bounced back. They do seem to be stable but I have now been officially diagnosed with Stage I Kidney disease. As long as it stays stable I’m good and at this point all I can do is stay hydrated to make sure that my kidneys don’t have to work too hard. Could be a lot worse.

What I’m Doing For My Health

Getting older doesn’t mean getting weaker!

I’m doing pretty much what anyone should be doing in my effort to stay healthy as possible. Exercise, eat right, and keep moving! My exercises of choice are still weight training/bodybuilding and my cardio is from walking.

I’ve slacked recently on the cardio – which is a mistake in my case as I need what’s left of my heart to be a strong as possible – but I’m catching back up. I did run in the Rose Run 5K again this year. I did not post my best time but it wasn’t my worst either. In fact, I actually got a medal for 3rd place in my age group! And yes, there were more than 3 runners in my age group. Looking ahead I think I can possibly take second or, dare I say it, first next year if I actually train for the race.

My weight training is still going pretty well. I’m focusing on getting leaner, again to keep my heart from working too hard, and as a result I am putting on more muscles. My arms look as good as they ever have in fact. I just need the rest of me to match. I want to be the jacked old man that the young guys can’t believe lifts that much.

Heck, I want to be that jacked old man that can’t believe he lifts that much himself! Barring that I want to be able to do 10 pull-ups…would you believe 5?


Barring a catastrophic health crisis (COVID, plague, whatever…) I plan to be able to be here next year reporting once again that all is well as can be.

I hope that you are reaching your fitness goals and are making sure to move every day. Keep pushing forward folks.


All photos by David P. Wahr unless otherwise noted in which case the original artist retains all rights. Otherwise photos and words @copyright by David P. Wahr