Meet the Green Room Groupies!


So anyone who is following this blog has certainly noticed that my posts have grown infrequent over the past few months. Certainly my trip to Egypt was one of the interruptions though ironically it is potentially fodder for many, many posts (so keep watching for more memories and lessons from that adventure). There are also the usual excuses about the holidays, I was in a show (theatre people get this one), and there’s just so much to watch on television these days (via various streaming services).

But part of the reason is because some of my creative “itch” has been scratched by my latest project – a podcast!

I get it everyone has a podcast these days. But I like to think that the one I’m working on is just a little different. It is, not surprisingly, sponsored by my theatre group – the Monroe Community Players – and the focus is on the art and business of theatre. With a particular emphasis on community and amateur theatre.

I’m joined on this podcast by 3 other like minded theatre enthusiast and other occasional guests. We call ourselves the Green Room Groupies and we like to think that we give you a little information, a little humor, a little food for thought, and a whole lot of fun each episode.

As of this writing we’ve got 16 episodes “in the can” with no end in sight!

So if you’re tired of murder mysteries, Joe Rogan, or just really like all things live theatre give us a listen! You can find us right now on Apple Podcasts with more channels to come.

I look forward to seeing you in the Green Room!

All photos by David P. Wahr unless otherwise noted in which case the original artist retains all rights. Otherwise photos and words @copyright by David P. Wahr