My T-Shirt a Day Project

If you read my earlier post on how Marie Kondo’s method saved my life then you know that I feel like I’m always fighting a battle against clutter. The good news is that for the most part I’ve learned how to declutter and I don’t feel so suffocated by stuff any more. However, there are a couple areas in my decluttering efforts that are still lacking. One is books (duh) the other is clothing.

Like most people in my socio-economic class I have too many clothes. Especially t-shirts (or tee-shirts, or Tshirts, does anyone know what they are really called?). I seem to collect them where ever I go as souvenirs, keepsakes, free hand-outs at conferences and event, etc. As a result my closets and drawers are overflowing.

But so many of these shirts bring back good memories – but what good is this if they are just sitting at the bottom of a drawer or in a container under my bed where I never see them.

Many solutions have been offered to me, make a quilt/blanket out of them, throw pillows, and so on. But these ideas which do have a certain appeal to me just mean that I’ll have quilts and pillows to deal with. Then my brother suggested perhaps take a picture of them and store the pictures instead of the shirt. Not bad and likely the way I’ll go.

So I’m taking my brother’s idea and the KonMarie method and my interest in social media and smashing them all together. Each day I’ll post a picture of me wearing a different t-shirt and perhaps sharing a bit of the story behind it. Then I’ll determine if it brings me joy or if it still has a utilitarian purpose. If so, I keep it. If not, it will thanked for it’s service, archived in some manner, and then either donated or tossed depending on the condition of the shirt.

Here are the shirts that I’ve featured so far (below). Follow me on Facebook (@journeyswithdave) or Instagram (@davewahr) to see others as I post them. We’ll see how long I can keep it up!

All photos by David P. Wahr unless otherwise noted in which case the original artist retains all rights. Otherwise photos and words @copyright by David P. Wahr