Fitness Quest: The Road So Far

In the playroom

I just realized that it’s been literally months since I’ve done a proper update to my blog! So here’s a quick rundown of what I’ve accomplished since my ileostomy reversal in April:

  • I’ve gained about 30 pounds. Based on skinfold measurements most of it is solid weight.
  • Strength has increased considerably. I can max bench about 265 pounds and get a couple reps at 250. Reps at 225 are coming slowly but increasing by one or two each week.
  • I can consistently do two chin-ups. The unaided pull-up still eludes me.
  • No sign of Crohn’s so far. No unusual stomach pains, bleeding, or swelling. Energy is good, too.

There are some small annoyances. I still have more bowel movements than the average person, but a small price to pay in exchange for being able to use my original plumbing again (minus a meter or so of intestine).

I plan on continuing to push myself as much as I can. On a recent business trip to Phoenix, Arizona I had a free afternoon and climbed Camelback Mountain and I mean climbed. I took the Echo Canyon trail and it was fairly vertical. Not as strenuous as advertised, but steeper than I usually hike. Thank goodness my trainer has me do dips for the triceps. It came in handing on the way down when I had to support myself between boulders.

At the summit of Camelback.

So to sum things up, I feel good, I think I’m looking better, and the life is good. I’m working now on losing the excess fat, primarily by increasing the cardio and making sure that the old diet is as nutritious as possible, and continuing my strength training. I even took another cooking class to help me stop eating so much fast food. So far, it’s working.

Above: Me in March, July, and October. Notice that the smile grows as the muscles grow.


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