Rose Run 2015 – Small Victories

Well, I did it again this year. I ran in the Rose Run 5K so that makes two years in a row now. I guess it’s a regular thing with me now.

The run started out as expected.  The morning was glorious – not too hot, not too cold. Low humidity and despite the forecast no sign of rain. I was properly decked out in my Nike Dry-Fit shorts and official Rose Run T-Shirt. This year I added a new accessory, an arm band to hold my smart phone so I could track my run. The starting horn went off right at 8:30 AM and I was off. I started strong and felt good for the first three…okay…two blocks. Then the shins started to hurt. Okay, I expected this just keep running through the pain.

Then the shortness of breath started.

Then the cold sweat….

Then the heart palpitations…

But, once the numbness in my left arm kicked in I knew that my goal was almost in sight. I had made the first mile! And, miracle of miracles, I was well ahead of my anticipated pace. Mile 2 passed and I was still ahead of last year’s pace! One last push (that lady shouldn’t have been in my way anyhow) and I was at the finish line several minutes ahead of last year’s time.

So the good news is that I beat my previous time. The bad news is that I didn’t actually place for my age group, however, I had a time better than someone in every other age group when I last checked and I wasn’t the last man in my age group.

With this bit of encouragement I’ve already started training for next year and I plan to shave off even more time!

By the way, if you missed the run in Petersburg, Michigan this year you can still participate in the Los Angeles run on October 4! It’s for a good cause and details are here:

The Rose Run


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