ITS GO TIME. Pacific Coast Trail or Bust!

My niece (Caitlin) starts her next epic adventure!

Not Washed Up...Yet

This is it! We are currently on a train to Yosemite National Park, where we will spend the night preparing our packs for tomorrow’s kickoff in Tuolomne Meadows. But first, let us recap the last few days for you.

After Becca got back from OKC on Thursday, we got to work. And by that we mean food shopping, including an EPIC trip to Costco where we are pretty sure we set the record for most instant mashed potatoes purchased in one trip. Many thanks to our cashier friends Eric and Jon, who checked out our absurd amount of food with surprising glee (we even took a selfie! see below).

After that it was off to Whole Foods, where our good friends at the Cranbrook store had donated $100 of store credit toward our trip! Needless to say, Becca was completely overwhelmed and a little emotional. Thanks WF Cranbrook!

Once we…

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