Fitness Quest: The Fatness is Starting to Go Away…But Not Quickly

I made a couple discoveries in the gym today, both welcome!

First, I had been fretting about this pain in my elbow (Golfer’s Elbow I think) and wondering how I could work my arms if I couldn’t bend them. So I’ve been concentrating on other lifts the past couple of weeks, legs (squats, calf raises, etc.) and some presses as that movement didn’t seem to bother my arms. But today I played around a little more and found out that I can do hammer curls without pain in my arm. So, that’s what I’ll be doing for arms for a while to directly hit the biceps. The good news is that the pain is getting less each day so  I hope to be back at full strength soon.

Also, in more good news I noticed today in the mirror that if I hit just the right light and squint that there is a hint of a bulge coming back to my biceps – and more than a few veins are appearing when I’m lifting. Gotta love lower body fat – but I have a long way to go still!

So, I was motivated enough to finally do what I’ve seen all over Instagram, Facebook, etc. I took a quick selfie in the locker room mirror. Nothing unclothed (sorry ladies) but a quick side shot to see how I look without my inner filter. Not quite as bad as I used too – my rear seems to actually be vanishing and my stomach is flatter than I thought. I just can’t sit down and need to always maintain strict posture to keep appearances up.

In terms of diet I’ve made some changes. As I mentioned earlier I’ve been frustrated that the weight and fat doesn’t really seem to be coming off. So, I’ve been doing a much better job on searching out and eating more nutritional foods (in other words avoid the drive-thru) and I did start taking a fish oil supplement again along with my prescribed iron and calcium. I’ll be adding a multi-vitamin again as well making sure that I have folic acid in it – which helps with iron absorption.

Oh, and I took my second dose of Humira this week. Feeling good still – just got to keep working on the looking good part.


Side view of me on March 26, 2015.
Side view of me on March 26, 2015.

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