Crohn’s or No Crohn’s: The Quest Continues

Well, two days ago I underwent yet another colonoscopy to determine if I really have Crohn’s or not. This time it was a “double balloon” procedure. I’m not entirely sure how the device worked but the upshot is that the doctor and his team were able to go further up into the small intestine than before. The prep for this procedure was more difficult than before as it required two full days of the “clear liquid” diet. It’s been a long time since I’ve been as hungry as I was after the procedure!

The good news is that the procedure was successful and I got through it without any difficulty, at least so far as I can tell. I was completely unconscious for this one as the “twilight” drugs used previously aren’t sufficient as this procedure is more painful than a standard colonoscopy. The bad news, the fistula which my CT Scan indicated still was not found. So it is likely that I’ll now need an upper endoscopy to see if they can find the fistula.

Biopsies were taken again. It will take a couple weeks for the results to come in and before we know if Crohn’s is proven definitively or not. Once again, there is internal evidence of the damage that the Crohn’s (or whatever) has done but until the biopsy it is all “theory” I suppose.

Of greater concern is the fistula which cannot be found. From what I was told earlier I believe it is likely that I will need surgery to remove it, but if they can’t find it…well, no operation on something that can’t be confirmed.

Other good news is that for the past month I haven’t had any flare-ups (knock wood). Since the procedure I’ve felt a little “tender” but nothing debilitating.

So, for now I play the waiting game…


PS – workouts have been going well and the extra weight is coming off slowly but surely!

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