Planet Fitness or Planet Fatness

I don’t know if I’ve discussed this but what does everyone think regarding Planet Fitness’ philosophy. At least their ad?

I’m torn – on one hand I think that no one should be intimidated going to the gym. Everyone starts somewhere and the gym should ultimately be a supporting place and no one who is trying to improve themselves should be teased or humiliated (unlike, oh I don’t know, a high school locker room). But, it also seems to me that they are encouraging people to put limits on their progress especially when I read reports of them telling people to leave because their t-shirts are too tight and making other people feel intimidated (this happened to a young woman). I agree that people shouldn’t be rude/loud/obnoxious in the gym (and those folks – usually guys – are there) but if there aren’t a few “after” folks around will the “before” gang ever move forward?

Granted, there is a time and place that showing off may be acceptable (see my earlier blog on “When to Show Off and When Not to Show Off” if you want my thoughts/rant on this) but the gym is not it. The gym is the place to do the work which leads to the beach, being asked all the time to help people move, etc.

I’d love to read everyone else’s thoughts.


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