Fitness Quest: Checking In

Ever feel like you should do something but you don’t really have a reason to do it? That’s how I feel about blogging today. It’s been a long while since I’ve had anything to post about and since my last health “scare” turned out to be nothing to really worry about – just annoying as all get out – life has been moving along at a rapid but uninteresting pace for me.

Oh sure, there has been a great trip to Southern California where I got time to attend a conference, visit with friends, see family, and go to the popular tourist spots but that’s been the highlight of the past couple months. Workouts are sporadic (no one’s fault but my own) but my weight is stable at least and my health seems to be generally good (no more spontaneous bleeding from sensitive body parts at least).

So where do I find that extra “spark” or push to move things up a notch in my training these days? I don’t have any ideas right now. It seems that as one gets older he/she doesn’t fall for the old mind tricks anymore. Competing with other guys in the gym isn’t enough motivation, competing with myself is getting old. Anyone else know what I mean? Perhaps it’s just a case of the blues but I don’t think I’m depressed. I do find joy in a lot of my activities.

Eh, now I’m just rambling again. Anyway, if anyone has some motivating ideas I’d love to hear them. I hope all is going well with anyone who happens to read this post.


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