Stupid Weight Lifting Tricks…

Okay, I probably shouldn’t even admit this one – but I tried something I hadn’t done in a long time but I’m curious if anyone else has done some odd or downright stupid things in the pursuit of muscle… So, today I had a long drive to drop off something to someone on the other side of the state – we met halfway, but it still meant a little over three hours on the road. Since I would be in car with essentially nothing to do but drive on the expressway and listen to the radio I took along a 15 lb dumbell and performed curls (one arm at a time) while driving to see how many reps I could get in! I learned this trick from my training partner who was once in retail and spent a lot of time on the road. He developed some extreme bicep peaks during this period of time (I know much is genetic) as well as muscle stamina so I’ve occasionally done this on long trips. Of course, I don’t recommend doing this as driving is an inherently dangerous activity and requires concentration. But, on those long stretches with light traffice (I never do this in the city and/or heavy traffice, construction zones, while merging, etc) I figure it’s probably a safer activity than talking on the cell phone and much of the other crazy things you see drivers doing these days. So, on reflection I promise not to do this anymore (unless I’m the passenger) but does anyone else have any odd/weird things they’ve tried in the pursuit of muscle? It might be entertaining to share stories!

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